The Quest to the Seven Continents

On August 1st, 2016, I set off on the journey of a lifetime – a quest to all seven continents before returning home! The quest is currently ongoing so be sure to follow!


Hanging Out In Long Beach, NY: Preparing For A Global Expedition

Chapter 1 – Preparation

The Quest to the Seven Continents

How To Pack For A Trip Around The World

The Struggle Up Sleeping Bear Dunes

Chapter 2 – Alaska & Hawaii

The Greatest Lie I Ever Told

The League of Eight Extraordinary Events

Blazing Through The Last Frontier: Denali National Park of Alaska

The Land Where The Ice Age Lingers: The Kenai Fjords of Alaska

The Opposite of Alaska is Hawaii

Close Encounters of The Shark Kind: Shark Cage Diving Oahu

Exploration: North Shore Oahu, Hawaii!

The Crouching Lion, Hidden Hike

A Hawaiian Style Send-Off At The Paradise Cove Luau

Chapter 3 – New Zealand Road Trip

Road Trippin’ New Zealand’s North Island…In the Winter?

Deep Sea Shipwreck in the Bay of Islands of New Zealand!

The Smelliest, Muddiest Day of Our Lives: Rotorua, New Zealand

Māoritanga: Keeping The Māori Culture Alive

Legendary Black Water Rafting and The Glow Worm Caves

Crossing Tongariro: Tempting Mount Doom

How I Avoided a Complete Disaster of Traveling With My Non-Traveling Friends

Chapter 4 – Fiji Volunteering

A Gang of Bull Sharks Came To Play

Everybody Thinks I’m Fijian and That’s a Good Thing

An Introspection of an American Teaching in Fiji

Happiness Is Everywhere in Fiji…Except At The Bottom of Waterfalls

My Invitations to Two Traditional Fijian Weddings

Things I Love (And Didn’t Quite Love) About Fiji

The Future Looks Good: The Quest Continues

Chapter 5 – Australia Backpacking

Go To Australia, Visit Friends, Then Get The Heck Out of Australia!

Battle of the Beaches: Sunshine Coast vs Gold Coast

Welcome to China…Er, I Mean Sydney!

The World According to Will

Come to Melbourne and Experience Four Seasons in One Day!

A Visit to Tasmania: An Unexpected Wonder

You Can Never Have Too Many German Freunds

Down Along The Great Ocean Road

The Charm of Rottnest Island and The Cute Quokkas Who Live There

An Open Letter To Australia: You Are Amazing, Yet Odd At The Same Time

Chapter 6 – Bali, Indonesia Stopover

Daniel Adventure Born and the Monkey Thieves

Dare To Enter The Creepiest Place In Bali: The Abandoned Theme Park

Chapter 7 – India Backpacking

I Don’t Want To Go To India…But Here I Go Anyway

I Gotta Get The Heck Outta Goa!

The Curious Kids Who Led Me Through The Slums of Mumbai

How I Spent My Christmas Completely Lost in The Mountains

Daniel Adventure Born and the River of Death

The Unfortunate Journey to the Taj Mahal

An Open Letter to India: You’re Cool, But Stop Staring At Me!

Chapter 8 – Return to Nepal

Returning to Kathmandu: Before and After The Earthquakes

Living in Nepal…With 18 Teenage Students That I Thought I Hated

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Part I: To Poon Hill and Beyond

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Part II: The Calm Before The Storm

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Part III: Our Biggest Blunder

The Most Colorful War In Nepal

How I Gained Three New Brothers…and a Son in Nepal

How I Grew to Truly Love The Heck Out of Nepal

Chapter 9 – Unexpected Road to Eastern Europe

I’m Not Supposed to Be Here! (Qatar)

The Demonic Electronics of Bucharest, Romania

The Man Behind Dracula! My Romanian Investigation

Exploration: Transylvania!

Dare To Enter The Creepiest Place in Romania: The World’s Most Haunted Forest

Taking Baths With Old People: Budapest, Hungary

My Super Strange Slovakian Night

Never, Ever, Ever Lose Your Passport in Ukraine