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Dare To Enter The Creepiest Place in Romania: The World’s Most Haunted Forest

It just so happened that the “World’s Most Haunted Forest” was just behind the city I was visiting in Romania. I didn’t care about anything else–I HAD TO GO EXPLORE IT!

Exploration: Transylvania!

Traveling without a plan can lead you to giant castles and desserts you never knew you needed in your life. Completely backpacking with absolutely no agenda!

The Man Behind Dracula! My Romanian Investigation

Transylvania has always been high on my list of places to visit, mostly due to the whole Dracula mythos. I wanted to explore the castle and dig into the lore behind one of the most classic horror villains of our time!

The Demonic Electronics of Bucharest, Romania

Romania kicks off the start off my Eastern European escapades, along with an odd backpacker I befriended with an unusual taste in music.