How I Avoided a Complete Disaster of Traveling With My Non-Traveling Friends

The title is self explanatory. Traveling with companions can get messy at times, which is normal, but avoiding a complete disaster is obtainable with just a few “simple” rules.

Crossing Tongariro: Tempting Mount Doom

Mike and I dare to test the unpredictable winter weather as we head towards Mount Doom, much against the warnings of several local experts.

legendary black water rafting waitomo

Legendary Black Water Rafting and the Glow Worm Caves

Black Water Rafting is the sole reason that I came all the way to New Zealand. After years of waiting, I finally get to experience the Legendary Black Abyss.

Māoritanga: Keeping The Māori Culture Alive

We enter the sacred village of Tamaki Māori and learn about the land in which we stand.

The Smelliest, Muddiest Day of Our Lives: Rotorua, New Zealand

Our road trip through New Zealand leads us to Rotorua, the smelliest, yet one of the most geologically unique places we have ever been to.