The Future Looks Good: The Quest Continues

My time in Fiji comes to a bittersweet end as the puzzle pieces slowly fall into place for my ongoing Quest to the Seven Continents.

Things I Love (and Didn’t Quite Love) About Fiji

Fiji definitely is a tropical island paradise and there are things that I absolutely enjoy about it…plus also a few things that I don’t.

My Invitations to Two Traditional Fijian Weddings

The villagers in my community invite me to two traditional weddings while I try and find a way to say ‘no’ to drinking Fijian drugs for good.

Happiness Is Everywhere in Fiji…Except At The Bottom of Waterfalls

I enjoyed many of the island vibes Fiji had to offer, except for my $1000 mistake sitting at the bottom of a waterfall.

An Introspection of an American Teaching in Fiji

I begin my first days teaching English to a class of eleven year olds…47 eleven year olds to be exact!