The World According to Will

You have to be pretty darn neat to have your name in the title of one of my blog posts.

There have only been three others to ever claim that honor: English Lucy,  German Björn, and a Mexican horse that won me money by the name of Don Porfirio. Unfortunately, Will is no Mexican horse that can win me money, but he’s still pretty darn neat enough to be added to this prestigious list.

Will is an Australian traveler I met while volunteering in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in 2013. Before he even met me, he attempted to steal my bunk bed while I was away on a weekend trip in the country. I came back to my dorm and found someone’s giant backpack placed on my bunk, “claiming” it as theirs. I figured it was one of the newbie volunteers I haven’t met yet, so I removed the bag and chucked it on the floor. I come to find out later it was Will’s and so he kindly moved it to another bunk. That sinister bunk thief turned out to be a nice person…

Except for that instance when he joyously found humor in my neck injury…


This was back in July 2013 while in Vietnam when I accidentally hurt myself. Long story.

Still he had the generosity to escort me to the hospital in the first place so I guess he’s actually capable of being a decent person.

BUT, there was another instance where he copied my trip to Mui Ne and took the exact same photos that I did. Some might call it an inspiration, but I call it plain old thievery!

Mine are on the left. His are on the right.

Perhaps he was truly inspired from my photos? (Probably not though. He did try to steal my bunk after all).

Anyhow, we’ve kept in contact over the years, keeping up on each others travels. In July 2015, Will came to New York for the first time where I was able to meet him there, along with a few other friends of mine including League of Eight Extraordinary Events squad member Veronica.


We visited places of interest like the day draining Statue of Liberty, the Rockefeller Plaza, and even Long Island to name a few. I’m not a big fan of New York, but with friends like these, the trip was absolutely worth it.


Fast forward to present day, I was now in Will’s territory exploring the sights in Sydney. During the afternoon one Friday, I met up with him at the Sydney Opera House, per his suggestion, for drinks along with Josh. Although drinks at the Opera House are typically more expensive than other places around, you really couldn’t beat the surrounding views.


We ended up casually bar hopping and visiting another off-shoot bar where we drank too much before calling it a night.


FullSizeRender 59.jpg

He’s either always stealing or sabotaging my photos.

The next day, Will had a plan to guide us (myself, Josh, and Timo) to the Blue Mountains, located on Sydney’s borders along the Great Dividing Range. It gets its name based off the blue hue the mountains get when viewed from a distance. It’s something you should see if you ever get the chance to come to Sydney. I’m not sure if I was seeing any blue but I suppose it depends on the day.


FullSizeRender 64.jpg

We had the genius idea of climbing down 900 ridiculously stupid vertical steps, dubbed the Giant Stairway, to get to the valley below the Three Sister rock formations. There had to be something great down there! We come to find there was nothing special at all. Just diverging paths to longer trails that none of us were mentally prepared for. So, back up the 900 steps we went. Going down wasn’t an issue but ascending back up…I may or may not have taken more breaks than I’d like to admit. There was a cable car nearby that went back up but why spend the money?

The range went as far as the eye could see. We scoped out the surroundings while on top of Echo Point and chilled out soaking in the sights.

FullSizeRender 60.jpg

Back at Will’s place, he introduced to me a show I’ve heard of but never watched called Stranger Things. We ended up watching five episodes back-to-back while chomping on delicious Indian food we ordered for takeaway. I HAD to find out what happened to Barb! Those granny glasses though…

A recent conversation on Facebook…


Will is a huge beach bum. I knew that based on his Snapchats which mostly consist of only his feet in the sand with the ocean just at reach. #thingsbasicwhitepeopleliketotakepicsof 

Because of his affinity, he knew of some of the best beaches Sydney had to offer away from the much more touristy Bondi Beach. He drove us to Palm Beach and led us to a short trail just above Palm Beach to the nearest lighthouse where we saw the beach stretch out for miles.

palm beach australia

FullSizeRender 58.jpg

We made our way back down and took a short drive to Whale Beach, which gets its name from the similar shape of a whale’s tail.

FullSizeRender 58.jpg

FullSizeRender 61.jpg

The weather was great, the sand felt nice, but the waves in the water itself were VICIOUS!

FullSizeRender 65.jpg

FullSizeRender 66.jpg

Will’s in there just getting wrecked.

They were mad crazy waves but it was still entertaining! A little scary when the tide sucked you back into the ocean, but still fun.

Later on, we went to a neighborhood eatery in North Sydney called The Greens. The Greens is an indoor/outdoor garden cafe that offers spectacular views of the Sydney harbor. It was wine time once again. Oh and also more Indian food. Two days in a row, whaaaat?



As far as my traveling companions go, I hold Will in high regards and is one of the people I looked forward to visiting most while in Australia because I knew it would be a hilarious time. No distance will ever cease our constant and effortless bashing on each other. Everything down to making fun of each others accents, stereotypes, mothers, etc (all in a 100% joking manner of course), we never get offended no matter how absurd we are and just laugh at everything, including at ourselves which makes the world that much more enjoyable.

FullSizeRender 57.jpg

I’m certain our paths will cross again in the future, whether it’s tomorrow or ten years from now, and when it does, I know the world according to Will and it will surely be another hilarious reunion. Maybe Europe?

FullSizeRender 62.jpg

Brisbane, The Sunshine Coast, The Gold Coast, and now Sydney have all exceeded expectations!

Up next: Melbourne!


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