The Summer of Secrets

I’ve been up to something…

The countdown to The Big One is just about over and I’ll begin a new journey tomorrow! In preparation for the road ahead, I’ve done very little. All my shots and immunizations I need are still in effect from my previous outings. I have all of my camera and gadgets from yesteryear still in tact, picked up a few articles of clothing and voila! I think I’m ready!

I laid everything out, I just need to pack it!

I think it’s okay to reveal what I’ve been up to recently. You see, the main chunk of this adventure does begin in The Netherlands…HOWEVER…the week before that will be something special. I decided to gather three of the funnest people I know and fly us all out to Las Vegas, Nevada! In typical Las Vegas fashion, we will be enjoying ourselves on the world-famous strip, participating in many fun events. But, in typical Dan Sellers fashion, I have left my friends who are joining me, clueless about what exactly these so-called “fun” events are.

Two of the lucky individuals are friends from home, Veronica and Jamie. They have both been mentioned on my blog before. Veronica joined my team, The Mudder’s 11, for our Tough Mudder event last year and Jamie was most recently part of the Great American Baseball Road Trip. The third person I’d say is pretty well-known with readers who followed most of my previous outings. It’s my traveling buddy from last year, Chris O’Sullivan! Just consider all three of them my traveling partners for this first part of the big one.

There are nine special events awaiting us once we arrive in Vegas. I like surprising the crap out of good people with good things, so of course it will be kept a secret to them until we get there. 🙂

A Taste of Chicago Before The World

Before we set off, I spent my last couple of days in Chicago, Illinois, attending one of the most lavish wedding’s I have ever been to. Seriously, I had  two and a half Filet Mignon’s, in addition to all the other delicious grub that was graciously given to me! Beth and Chris put on a perfect wedding.



I met up a few friends I haven’t seen in a while and unexpectedly met up with a few travelers I met on my previous outings: Tian, who I met while volunteering in Vietnam…


and Alys who I met while backpacking in Laos.


It was totally unexpected to see them. Thanks to the power of social media, they saw that I was in Chicago and hit me up! Speaking of which, earlier this year I ran into two other volunteers I met around the world. I had a detour layover after I left Vancouver, in Salt Lake City, Utah where I briefly reunited with Tessa. I met her on my first outing in Muizenberg, South Africa. Part of Rec 13!


The other is Ike. I met him in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and he lived in the same dorm as me. I met him up in Royal Oak, Michigan earlier this year!


It’s going to be a little difficult to blog while I’m in Vegas but I’ll do my best to find the precious time I need to share this tale. It’s go time! Veronica, Jamie, and Chris, if you’re reading this before our Vegas trip, all I have to say is, expect a very fun time, but also expect the unexpected. Once Vegas is done, I shall too expect the unexpected as I venture across the globe over into the Netherlands.

Let’s do this!


Just wait until you see what Event #1 is…











Author: Adventure Born

I'm Daniel. A cereal lovin', traveling machine from Michigan on a solo journey around the world, documenting and sharing my unexpected tales from abroad. My aim is to inspire people like YOU to discover your very own adventures. The world is truly too big not to explore it!

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