Old Biscuits

I once ate a sandwich. Not just any sandwich, a mighty good sandwich. One of the best I’ve ever eaten! So good, that the flavor and enjoyment savoring over that sandwich has been cemented in my memory since I’ve had it over a year ago in South Africa. It was somewhere in or near Cape Town in a big food market area. That’s all I could remember. After a little research, I believe the place I had this delectable sandwich was called The Old Biscuit Mill. It was my last full weekend in South Africa, so my aim was to have all of us volunteers hangout one more time as a group and I thought the perfect place to start would be at the Biscuit Mill. Fortunately, everyone was down for it, including Miriam who has become a life saver as far as driving us everywhere the past couple of weeks. Early Saturday morning, the eight of us took a train to Woodstock, which is one station before Cape Town, and took a quick minibus to The Old Biscuit Mill!


There were crowds of people, and stalls and stores of clothing, accessories, arts, and some cafe’s. We walked around for a bit. Nothing looked familiar to me. Maybe we should walk around to the other side. Thankfully, the other side, had a huge food market area that was reminiscent of the food area I was in last time. I saw other patrons walking by with what looked to be my sandwich from yesteryear in their hands. A whole grain sub bun, with parmesan grilled chicken slices, smothered with roasted tomatoes, pesto, spinach leaves, and lot’s of mozzarella cheese. This had to be the right place, even though it looked nothing like how I remembered. It was so crowded that we ended up becoming separated as we drooled through the dozens upon dozens of different food stalls. I ended up picking up a chorizo sandwich, a German bratwurst, and a strawberry smoothie. Even though I didn’t find my legendary sandwich, I was satisfied. The others all had completely different things. Mieke and Hanneke found a Dutch food stall.


I think some of the German girls had pizza. I have no idea what Miriam and Eric ate. I concluded that if this WAS the place I was at last year, then they changed the layout drastically!



After stuffing our faces off and wandering around the rest of the mill, we all found a cab and went to Long Street in Cape Town to find a hostel for the night. Clara and Gesa knew of a great hostel they stayed at a couple of times already called, The Cat and Moose. It was located near the Cape Town pool at the end of the street. It was a great recommendation because it was decently priced, clean, comfortable, and in a great location. It took us awhile to walk there because one of us was pretty handicapped *cough Hanneke *cough. Hanneke sprained and twisted her ankle while doing her laundry! How does that happen?? Anyways, we split into two dorm rooms because there was so many of us though. The plan was to do whatever we wanted until around six pm. At six is when we would head to the Waterfront to meet my old friend Alissa, eat dinner, and go to a party on the front. I met Alissa last year when I returned to South Africa immediately from Tanzania. She was a volunteer with SASTS and we’ve stayed in contact ever since. She actually ended up attending the University of Cape Town, just like she always wanted to do last year. We had a few hours to spare before we went to the Waterfront, so I quickly caught up on some blogging, while others went out to explore the town or took a nap.



Around six we cabbed it to the Waterfront where I met up with Alissa in front of the ferris wheel. My has she frown taller?! She insists it was just because she was wearing heels. It was great to see her again! I introduced her to everyone and then we decided to get dinner in the mall before we go out. We found a nice gourmet burger restaurant where we enjoyed a pretty tasty meal. I had a Vegas burger which had a creamy pepper sauce on it. Pretty good!




During the dinner, Alissa decided that it’s probably better if we skip the party and just go hangout on Long Street because the party was expensive and wasn’t the most happenin’ time. This sounded fine with everyone, so after dinner we headed back out to the center of the front just as the big screen outside with a rugby match caught Eric’s eyes. It was South Africa vs Wales, a pretty solid match-up I’m assuming since I know nothing about Rugby. Let’s go watch the rest of the game!



It was a pretty cool set-up; a huge screen in an outdoor theater barricade where everyone could relax and enjoy the game. Weather was perfect, and I actually enjoyed sitting there and watching. South Africa ended up winning! 20131114-103908.jpgAfter that, we made our way back to Long Street where we hit up our first bar. Do you recall my problem when I’m out with friends on a night like this? I tend to always spend too much money, not on myself, but on everyone else. This is something I’m working on. There was a lot of us here this time around, so I tried my hardest not to spend so much money tonight. The most I did was buy a round of shots for everyone.


I was so proud of myself. We moved to another place around the corner which was more of a hangout kind of spot, with a dimly lit atmosphere, where we remained the rest of the evening. The dark room with dim lighting was putting me to sleep, even with the blaring music! After a couple of hours we decided to call it a night and we said our goodbyes to Alissa, who would be going back to her home near Claremont. It was very nice seeing you again Alissa! Keep in touch.

I took advantage of the internet when we got back to the hostel and blogged a little more before I finally passed out. The next day, Eric left early in the morning to go on a bicycle tour through Cape Town, which turned out to be a horrible idea! He came back home later that evening with heatstroke! The rest of us went to get breakfast as we walked towards the train station. After breakfast, Clara, Theresa, and Gesa, split off to do a hop on, hop off city tour of Cape Town. The four of us remaining went back to Stellenbosch to an empty house. Mama Zulu said some kids came over earlier but we weren’t there. I was pretty bored, and honestly I couldn’t wait for the kids to come over. I even walked through Kayamandi to look for some of them, with no success. I know I told them I wasn’t going to be here on Saturday, but I didn’t tell them what time I would get back on Sunday. Later on, the kids started showing up and of course we played some intense rounds of Ligretto and hung out for a bit.


Monday would begin my final week here where I would say goodbye to everyone, starting with my original kids at the Christian Primary near Muizenberg.


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