I always love going back to Muizenberg because I do consider it to be my hometown in South Africa. Today we were going back to surf but this time we didn’t get there via train or taxi. Miriam was nice enough to pick us all up and drive us. She was also interested in surfing for her first time and this was also her first time in Muizenberg. She had another friend who would join us but he wouldn’t arrive to Muizenberg for at least another hour. So we decided that while we waited, we would visit Dave at his clubhouse. We greeted him and he offered all of us coffee or hot chocolate. He’s really perfected his hot chocolate since the last time I tried it. It tasted great Dave! He caught us up on his never ending efforts with the Surf Shack and his program with the street kids. While I was there, I met another volunteer who knew Lucy last year. Gosh I forget her name, but she stayed at the Rec house and has come back to join Dave at his program for awhile. She plans on taking some of the surf kids out on a trip similar to the trip Chris and I took the Reaching Out 2 The World kids on. Soon enough, Miriam’s friend Max (Germany) arrived to the clubhouse. Max is volunteering in Goodwood with kids. He lives in a home-stay in a township nearby. Soon enough, we all decided it’s about time we go surf!



It was mighty windy today, and I have never seen Muizenberg beach with so many sporadic waves going in every direction. This was going to be tricky. Once we entered the water, I immediately noticed all of the jellyfish in it! There were clear once with blue tentacles and bigger brown ones. I wasn’t sure if these jellyfish would sting if you touched them but I was careful in the water not to find out!



The waves came in bunches and were a bit sloppy. As much as I tried, it was hard to stand for more than a couple seconds. It was so windy that I found myself near the rocks and boulders at the end of the beach! I didn’t realize I had gone out that far, so I tailed it back to the safe area. Unless you were a seasoned surfer, I thought it was really hard to surf on these waves today. The surf kids didn’t have that problem. They surfed the waves with ease, like they usually always do.



As I was failing at catching a good wave to surf on, I noticed that Mieke and Hanneke were missing. They weren’t over by the rocks and I didn’t see them get out. After getting my butt kicked from the waves, I decided to go inside and see if they were there and thats when I saw the Dutch girls walking from the shack. Turns on Mieke was stung by one of those blue jellyfish things. It stung for a bit but she was okay. At that point I decided to go grab my camera and take pictures of everyone.



Unfortunately, none of my friends were able to stand long enough for me to catch a good photo. And there were so many waves crashing everywhere that I couldn’t see any of them that well until they walked up to the beach. Mieke was hesitant to return to the water after being stung and I didn’t blame her! Those things were nasty looking. The brown ones were surprisingly heavy.

After all of our failed but fun attempts at surfing, we took a stroll along the coast of False Bay towards Kalk Bay.


We walked for a couple kilometers whilst getting splashed by the vicious waves crashing against the walkway. Once we got to the end of the trail, we walked back to Miriam’s car. We got all settled in to go before Miriam realized that somewhere on our walk, she lost her mobilizer. What’s a mobilizer you ask? Well, it’s a small black device, similar to the shape of a USB plug, that inserts into a specific hole in hour car. Once the car recognizes it, you can then insert the key and start the engine. It’s a safety mechanism that sounds more like a nuisance. Anyways, we had no clue where her mobilizer was. It could be anywhere in Muizenberg beach! That didn’t stop us from trying to look for it though. While we split up to search for it, a mechanic came by to try and disable her mobilizer ignition. Unfortunately, he had no luck and the best thing to do for the moment was to tow her car to a safe place overnight. If you leave your car unattended in Muizenberg, it will almost guaranteed to be stolen by the morning. The mechanic was nice enough to let Miriam tow it to his place and keep it there for a couple of days while she found another mechanic to help her with her problem. Once the car was towed, a couple of the others came back while we waited for a taxi to come pick us up. It was nearly 9 pm and we had planned to leave closer to 5 pm. Poor Miriam had to deal with her car situation the next couple of days.

We went back home and played a game of Werewolf the Dutch girls had brought over. It’s an extremely fun game that I plan on introducing to my friends back home. It’s a simple mystery game that requires eight or more people to play. Basically, you have to figure out who the Werewolves are in the group who are killing a player during each turn. There’s a little more to it, but too much to explain on here. Just know that it’s pretty entertaining!

Surfing with jellyfish and werewolves were pretty much the end of the weekend for me. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were all days of just hanging out and getting things done. The next couple days however would be the beginning of the departure of my traveling buddy since September – Mr. Christopher O’Sullivan.


Author: Adventure Born

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