Countdown to Cape Town!

Cape Town, South Africa. One of my favorite cities in the world in one of the most beautiful countries in the world! A city filled with a variety of diverse people, surrounded by mountains, beaches, oceans, valleys, and wine vineyards.

Que the music!!!!

With an awesome journey through Southeast Asia under my belt, it’s now time to start the next three months of my trip in Africa! Starting with South Africa, which has become my home away from home! Let me tell you all the game plan from here on out.

Me lounging on the famous Table Mountain, overlooking the scape of Cape Town!
Me lounging on the famous Table Mountain, overlooking the scape of Cape Town!

When I arrive there, I will reunite with my friend Chris, who has been in South Africa already for almost two weeks! He has just come from a two week stint traveling around England and went directly to South Africa afterwards. I will go stay in Kayamandi with Mama Zulu again and reunite with a few students I bonded with last year. Most importantly, start gathering the bunches for their trip through parts of the country! The Reaching Out 2 The World project ended in July and I’m proud to say that we raised just under $3,500! Thanks to everyone who donated! Your money will be put to great use so make sure to follow along and witness the magic happen as we take the kids to places in South Africa they’ve only dreamed of going. 🙂

I’ve been in contact with Chris ever since he arrived and he’s done most of the hard work already. He’s found all of the kids, except for Avele and Fudo. I mentioned on a previous post that Avele was moving to the Eastern Cape and I guess Fudo moved somewhere outside of Kayamandi. By the way, if you’re a new reader and have no idea who these kids are, then these four posts should be a great introduction to them:

The Kids of Kayamandi

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The Promised Land

Thank You

From L to R: Aphiwe, Fudo, Me, Chester, RiRi, Ski, Avele, Mawande. This is how they looked a year ago. I’m sure puberty has hit them all by now!


I also plan on visiting Ikaya Primary and seeing those kids and my old teachers, if they are still around. Chris told me that the Zulu household is crammed with other volunteers. Five more to be exact, so I’m hoping they’re pretty cool. This also means my old room (the best room!) is probably taken. We’ll see! I can’t wait to taste Mama Zulu’s delicious cooking again either!

Kayamandi isn’t the only place I will revisit. I also plan to visit my old digs in Muizenberg and see whats happening over there. None of the volunteers I was with or know are there, but I’d like to visit the Surf Shack and see if Dave is still around. I’d love to catch some waves again! I’ll probably have to relearn everything because it’s been a year since I surfed in those shark infested waters! I might take a stroll to the Rec House and just “see” what changed about it and if it’s even still there. I’m being bombarded with memories as I type this!


Recreation 13 House
Recreation 13 House

I also MUST visit the first school I volunteered with, the Christian David Primary School. My old teacher, the lovely Miss Sandy Jacobs, is there and she’s expectin’ a visit! Hopefully I will see all of the familiar faces around the school too. I doubt they will remember me after a year, but here’s to hoping! Most of the kids should still be attending the school, I believe.

Miss Jacobs and I with some of her grade 1 learners. This photo was taken the same day I left South Africa last year. The kids made that poster for me as a gift.

In October, Chris and I have a “trip within a trip” planned out. We both will head to Dubai for a few days (one of Chris’ top destinations to visit in the world) and then we will visit Morocco (one of my own top destinations to visit in the world) for a few weeks and explore a bit there. So expect some excellent posts and even more amazing photos to accompany them.

By the way, all of the blue links you see that are in the paragraphs are links to older posts that will give you a little more information to the subject matter if you’re interested. And if you haven’t done so already, this is the perfect time to start following Chris’ blog too. You’ll get two different perspectives from two people living in the same place!

I’m excited! And a little bit nervous. I have to endure 5 flights over two days (uggghhh), but it will be worth it once I finally step foot into Cape Town. I’m not sure who’s picking me up…Isaac, Zulu’s, a friend of Isaac’s?…I might have to cab it to Kayamandi, because I haven’t heard from any of them yet. (Here’s to hoping one of them reads this!) But no matter, by the time I post next, I will be all settled in Kayamandi, South Africa. I’m on my way!

See you all there 🙂



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