We woke up on top of the crater and man was it coooold! We ate breakfast and packed up our tents and made our way to our next safari through the crater of this old, inactive volcano.

Ngorongoro Crater formed many, many years ago when the crater collapsed in the middle creating a giant bowl surrounded by walls of mountains and forests. Over time, this crater became the home to much of Africa’s wildlife, including the rare black rhino. On this safari, it was easier to spot animals because there weren’t many trees or large shrubs daunting our view. Everywhere I turned I could see herds of animals in each direction! We saw a couple of male lions, one which had a black mane…



lot’s of wandering warthogs…


more zebras…


a lake filled with thousands of flamingos…

more hippos, including this little baby one…


and finally number five of The Big Five, the black rhinoceros!


We ate lunch in the crater and enjoyed a few scenic stops on the way back home.


This four-day safari has been a pleasurable experience, even though I felt like crap. The dust in this country is ridiculous. I’m sure that’s a major contributing factor. And all the kids at school that tend to cough and sneeze on me haha!


The first thing I did when I got back home? Ran to the shower. The amount of dirt that came of me was insane! There was also tiny rocks and pebbles in my hair.

The next day, the two guys who lived in the room across from mine completed their stay here and left Tanzania. I shared a room with three other guys and so I moved into the now vacant room. I did it mostly because my nightmarish coughs would keep them, mainly Mike, awake each night and I felt pretty bad about it. It was also nice to have a big room all to myself to enjoy some peace and quiet. One of the best decisions I’ve made here. I’ll have this room all to myself until new volunteers arrive sometime next week. Until then, I am going to enjoy this.


It’s the little things that always make me smile :).


Author: Adventure Born

I'm Daniel. A cereal lovin', traveling machine from Michigan on a solo journey around the world, documenting and sharing my unexpected tales from abroad. My aim is to inspire people like YOU to discover your very own adventures. The world is truly too big not to explore it!

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