The Garden Route

Initially, next on my agenda was to go sandboarding and skydiving over the weekend, but thanks to South Africa’s lovely winter weather – it’s not going to happen. I’ll save those for later on. In the meantime, eight of us decided to go on an excursion along the Garden Route for a few days.

We left at 5am to our first destination. I’ll put our stops into separate sections so it’s easier for you readers to navigate. Also, this post contains a crap ton of pictures. First up…

Cango Caves

About three hours drive, we arrived in Oudsthoorn, the site of the Cango Caves.

The main chamber in the caves.

The caves were millions of years old and I have to say, it was a sight to see. Our tour guide, his name was something in Xhosa. It consisted of a combination of “clicks” and sounds you’d make with your tongue on the roof of your mouth. He showed us the way around the cave explaining the features of each chamber we came across. At certain points, he’d turn off all of the lights in the chambers so it was pitch black and all you could hear were echoes. It’s amazing how these caves, and caves in general, are worlds upon themselves hidden underneath the depths of the earth we see.

Can you spot the evil face on the rock in the red light?
From left to right: Me, Monica, Jess, Lisa, Lucy, Andy, Tessa, Priyanka.

Oudsthoorn Ostrich Farm

I could barely hold my excitement for this place, the Ostrich Farm in Oudsthoorn.

Neck Tied?

I have friends who came to South Africa before me and while they were here, they rode an ostrich! Who rides an ostrich? I wanted to ride one too! And guess what?? I did not.

Once again, this awesome winter weather likes to screw with me. It rained the day before and the ground was too muddy and slippery for the ostrich to run with me on it’s back. :(. Anyhow, I still had a great time here at the farm. I received a neck massage and was able to feed them pellets. We stood on a few ostrich eggs too. But fear not, their eggs are big and strong and can withstand a lot of weight. Speaking of eggs, they are a delicacy here in Oudsthoorn. We ate at the restaurant in the farm and on the menu…ostrich! After playing with the them, there was no way I could eat one. I opted for a chicken kabob instead. Andy and Lucy (UK) ordered an ostrich sandwich and they claim it tasted like hamburger meat. Looking back, I wish I would have tried it. But hear this, I will NOT leave Africa before I ride a freakin’ ostrich!

This is what you call an “Ostrich Neck Massage”.

The specials of the day.
The gang.